Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time to move on, time to get goin'

What lies ahead I have no way of knowin'
Under my feet, baby, the grass is growin'. 
Yeah, it's time to move on, time to get goin'.

Tom Petty pretty much sums it up: things are changing for us!  The first change is that I'm taking a leave of absence from my job for one year.  I have a pretty stressful job, and just the thought of a consuming job and two young children was overwhelming.  So our lifestyle will change a bit, but I think it will be worth it, especially for such a short time.

We made that decision last December, and thought that would be a big change.  But then, pretty much immediately surrounding Baby O's arrival, we learned that my husband was being transferred.  So now we're moving!  We'll be headed about 220 miles north, to Parkersburg, WV.  It's a smallish town on the Ohio River.

We have a small bucket list of things to do before we move.  Over the weekend, we went up to an old country store and saw some cloggers!  Little A was very groggy since she'd fallen asleep in the car, and Baby O is still too small to be interested in anything but ceiling fans and eating, but it was a beautiful day and it was nice to be out in the sun.  It was on top of a mountain and offered some beautiful views.

So we're packing up and looking forward to getting settled in a new place with a new routine.

It's time to move on, time to get going.

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