Monday, September 2, 2013

Not an early adopter

Guess what I just discovered?  Instagram!  I know.  It's probably old news for most people.  But hey, I'm getting there.  I've also heard they have these new things called cell phones and you can carry them around in your purse or pocket and make calls from anywhere? 

The great thing about Instagram is that it's, obviously, instant.  I can do it all with my phone, all by myself.  It will be a great way to get some WIP shots and document more of the knitting and sewing process, plus a few other things.  It seems like a quick, easy way to capture moments I want to remember, but will otherwise slip through my sieve of a mind. 

So if you're on Instagram, come look me up!  I'm mgrknits.  Eventually I'll figure out how to get a badge over there on the side bar.  Hopefully before we're all driving driverless cars

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