Thursday, July 28, 2011

A new LYS!

At the end of June, we moved out of our house and home of five years and moved into a new home 225 miles away.  My husband and I both started new jobs two days after move day.  So the last month has been full of plenty of change and stress.  We've been handling it pretty well, all things considered, but all the change has been wearing me down.  I started worrying for the safety of those around me because it was clearly a matter of time before I would throttle one of them.  It was time for an escape day.   

We moved from a small town of about 25,000 to an itty-bitty town of about 7,000.  So when I take an escape day, I mean just that.  I get in my car and drive to the next biggest population center.  Fortunately, there's a university town about an hour away from us, so that's where I headed to explore.  And guess what I found?  A great local yarn store!

I meant to take pictures to show you, but I was so excited I forgot.  It's a cute store with a very friendly and helpful saleswoman.  They had a great selection of Madelinetosh, Berroco, Debbie Bliss, and Rowan.  Going in, I decided I could get one thing, like one beautiful skein of something or other.  But guess what I got instead?

I have been dying to read this book!  I really want to improve my sweater skills, and that's what this book is all about.  I'm really eager to read the part on swatches, as I have so many questions.  (If you wash and block your swatch and your gauge is off, do you rip it out or keep it?  How does a tiny bit of knit fabric realistically mimic how a garment will behave over time?  How can you be sure you will continue to knit at the same gauge once you get in the rhythm of knitting a whole garment?)  Plus, Ysolda Teague is Scottish and that is very cool. 

My first impression is: Wow, did this woman earn her money!  There is a LOT of work in this book!  Not just the design and production, which is substantial, but the content!  She has worked through a lot of technical knitting situations, and I appreciate her sharing her knowledge with us.  Definitely worth my $32. 

The pattern I like the best is Angostura.  I can see myself making this. 

I will certainly be back to this store. 

The yarn store would have been enough on it's own, but I also took myself to see Harry Potter.  I came back relaxed and feeling much more myself.  Everyone around me gets to live. 


  1. Your new blog is off to a lovely start. :)
    I have been curious about that book as I love Ysolda's designs. I collect knitting books almost as compulsively as I collect yarn, so I will probably end up getting it. :)

  2. Thank you for your comment!

    I have really been trying not to buy yarn this summer, but that means I've ended up buying several knitting books! Little Red has very thorough explanation of more advanced techniques. I'm eager to put it to use!