Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have a problem.  But not really.  It's not like a serious problem.  It's more of a characteristic than a problem.  A personality trait.  You could perhaps call it a habit, if you must.  I like to buy yarn.

Cascade 220 (from sale!) for February Lady, Bliss, and Evendim

Ooh, just typing out that admission sent a pang of guilt through me.  But really, where is the harm in buying yarn?  I use it.  I use it quickly.  Perhaps not as quickly as I buy it, but still.  Plenty of other people buy yarn, and a lot of people buy way more than I do.  And it's relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other pastimes, such as, say, golf, or antique car collecting.  So it's really not anything to be concerned about, right?

Palette for Ivy League Vest, Telemark for Ida's Kitchen Hat, Cascade 220 for C's vest, random sock

I buy most of my yarn online, since I've only recently moved to a town where I can actually get to an LYS in under an hour.  I bought several skeins last month from WEBS.  The price of Cascade was going up, and I had to make my purchase before the price increase.  (My mom said, "It's an investment.")  I had projects in mind for each group of skeins I bought.  But when the box arrived, my giddy feelings were matched by feelings of burden.  When was I going to be able to get to these projects?  How long would it take me to knit through the WIPs and things already in my queue?  Why was I obsessively stock piling more yarn, when I already had lots of lovely things I can't wait to get to?

Even as I was admiring my purchases, I said to my husband, "Honey, please don't let me buy any more yarn.  I know I'll want to, and I need you to hold me back."  He rolled his eyes.

Cascade Eco + for Alderbrook, Cascade Eco for Hemlock Ring, Deerfield for Cedar Leaf Shawl and hat, Berroco Alpaca for shawl, Malabrigo silky wool for Branching Out

Well.  Yesterday, WEBS announced that their deal of the day (and weekend) is Stockbridge, a 50% merino, 50% alpaca, 109 yards for $2.59!  My mind started spinning, planning what I could make and imagining the soft and the warmth and the color.  And how inexpensive it would be!  I mean, a vest of merino and alpaca for only $18!

I found my husband.  "I want to buy this.  You're not supposed to let me."

"No way."  More eye rolling.  "You're not putting that decision on me.  That is entirely up to you." 

Cascade Superwash for Abby's Blanket, vacation souvenir sock, 40 year old handspun wool gifted from aunt via mom for I Heart Aran

Well.  What am I going to do?  Add to my stash and my burden?  Buy some lovely yarn at a fantastic price that I will love knitting and will eventually become a beautiful garment worth 4 times the cost?  What a problem!  Well, not really a problem ...

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