Thursday, August 18, 2011

My one and only

I tend to have several things on the needles at once.  Kelly Petkin from Knitpicks has said that you should have seven things going at the same time: something simple for public knitting, something complicated, and about five other categories.  I don't think it through that much.  I just have so much I want to knit, and I don't want to wait.

But this August, I am putting all my knitting energy behind one thing and one thing alone: my husband's wool vest.

I originally tried to design a vest for him.  I put in many hours swatching, making calculations and writing out notes.  But I chickened out.  I am not a pro at cables, and I was really uncertain about how it was going to turn out.  So I went back to the Skye Tweed Vest pattern by Kathy Zimmerman.  So by the time I started this vest, I was tired of thinking about it. 

I was nervous that it was going to take forever, and I really didn't want to string along poor Hubs, taunting him with a never-finished vest.  So I decided that I better just knit like the wind until it was done.  And now I'm pretty excited to see how it's going to turn out, so that's motivating me, too.

This will be the third thing I've made for him.  I've also made a pair of socks, which were very successful.

And a hat, which was mildly successful.  True to form, C lost it upon wearing it the second time, so I only got this picture of him.

It's much harder to lose a sweater than a hat, though, so I think this one's going to be more successful. 

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