Monday, February 20, 2012

Can we live through February?

I am exhausted.  It's been a rough month for us in a lot of ways.  There was a homicide in our neighborhood, we had to fire our nanny, our daughter started at a new day care, we had to cancel a much-needed working vacation at the very last minute (our car was packed), and now we're all on the verge of getting sick. 

And then the snow,
And then the snow came, and we were always out shoveling, 
And we'd drop to sleep exhausted,
Then we'd wake up and it's snowing. 

So I thought of that Dar Williams song, February. 

Fortunately, my February is not as bad as hers.  March is coming.  And I'll have a new sweater to wear when it gets here.  So things must be looking up!

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