Monday, February 27, 2012

FO: peabody sweater

It seems like I've been knitting like crazy with not much to show for it.  That's what happens when you work on sweaters!  The wait is long, but the reward is worth it!  And I finally have my first sweater of 2012 to show for it. 

For my review of this pattern, I'm instituting a new format.  For each FO, I'll touch on the following categories: Process, Mods, Product, Yarn, What I Learned.  This should keep me organized!  

Pattern: Peabody sweater by Leila Raabe, published in Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2011. 

Process:  The body and sleeves are knit in the round until the armholes.  I was nervous about that because my tension changes when I have to purl, but it turned out just fine.  I love projects that have enough stockinette to keep things moving, but also some lace to keep me interested. 

Mods:  I added 4 sts to the CO for the size 37, and the body fits me very well.  It has about 1"-2" of positive ease in the waist and about 1/2" of positive ease in the bust.  The sleeves, though.  I made the largest size, and even did one extra increase after all the prescribed increases.  They do fit well, but there is no ease.  I also added at least 3" to the sleeves, and 1/2" to the ribbing on both the sleeves and the body.

I started the neckline just a bit early, which meant I had to eliminate that middle leaf on the last pattern repeat.  I don't think it looks odd, do you?  I also made the armholes a tiny bit bigger, I think.  I didn't keep notes on that, so I was amazed when the sleeve caps fit perfectly into the armholes. 

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Product:  Really, it's a pretty, standard sweater.  Definitely worth the knit.  It's not a show stopper, but it will be in my wardrobe for a long time. 

Yarn:  The Cascade 220 is like knitting with an old friend.  It's dependable and predictable, which is good in a yarn.  It is so warm, I don't think I'd wear this sweater with a coat unless it's below freezing.  Wool: the wonderfiber.

What I learned:  I need to automatically add two inches to all knitting patterns!  I don't know why I thought that the knitting world would be different than the ready-to-wear, off the rack world.  I always need to buy talls and longs; why would it be different in knitting patterns?  I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out, but at least I have. 

This also means, however, that I need to buy an extra skein of yarn for every sweater.  That's sort of a bummer, but not as much of a bummer as having too-short sweaters. 

Other than that, I didn't develop any new skills.  I did realize that I really like seaming.  I love the little victory of joining two pieces of knitting and having them look, well, seamless. 

Ravelry project page: linky

So thank you, Peabody, for helping me accomplish one of my 2012 knitting goals

Next up: another sweater!  Aidez!


  1. I absolutely love that sweater and it looks really good on you. You chose a good color also. I like your format for critiques. Short and to the point.

    1. Thanks! I loved the color. It's heathered, and up close, you can see bright blue, orange and pink!

  2. I, too, love the sweater. Congratulations on the successful modifications, you are brave and I am not! (Maybe you will inspire me to not be afraid of changing things.... I am always wondering if my intended mods will bight me in the arse down the line.......)
    'Twas nice to see you in ye olde yarn shoppe the other day, don't be a stranger!

    1. Thanks, Becky! I get a tiny bit braver with each project. It was good to see you the other day, too! I felt so much lighter on the way back home!