Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a winter lament

At the risk of people throwing things at me, I've got to say I'm sort of bummed it's been such a mild winter.  Everyone around here is ecstatic and acting like they're finally getting the kind of winter they deserve, but I could really use a couple good storms.  We've had maybe three inches of snow, total.  And that's being generous.  I'd really like a good ten inches that stays around for a while. 

First, I like winter.  Snow really is magical, the way it transforms everything.  It's special.  It only happens a few times out of the whole year.  I know it's a big hassle to clean up and drive in, and I get tired of those chores after a few months just like everyone else, but we shouldn't let the extra work distract us from the specialness of a good snow.

Second, we need winter.  I'm from California, so I know that a mild, dry, warm winter is not a gift.  It's serious concern, and can actually mean life and death.  Without a snowpack in the back country that will melt throughout the spring and runoff through the summer, the forests and brush be mountains of kindling by September.  And my home and the homes of the people I love will be nestled among the firewood like sitting ducks.  It's almost an animal instinct in me--when there's not enough water in the winter, my hide is prickly with anxiety. 

Third, on a much lighter and selfish note, I want to wear my woolies!  What's the good in having cuddly warm cowls and sweaters and hats if it's too hot to wear them? 

Most folks around here are thrilled that it's 55 degrees in January, and they act like any mention of the Season-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named will completely jinx them, so I've kept my laments to myself.  But surely there are other knitters out there who feel like something's not quite right when you can't layer yourself in handknits in January, right? 

Ah well.  Here's what I have on the needles at the moment.

I love this sweater so far.  It's the perfect blend of miles of stockinette and beautiful lace to keep things interesting.  I can knit it when I'm exhausted and can't spare any brain energy, and I can knit when I'm alert and need something to keep me thinking.  I'm using Cascade 220 that I got in the Webs anniversary sale last year.  It's a purple heather with shades of blue, coral, and pink.  I love it!

I started this thing a thousand years ago.  I made pretty good progress, but then took a break for Christmas knitting, and I lost all my mohair mojo.  It's a simple pattern and I like it, but knitting with the mohair is like knitting in molasses.  I'm in slo-mo.  I just have one more repeat and I could probably knock it out in two nights.  Sigh. 

I'm about halfway done, I think.  It's going to be way huger than I'd planned, but that's okay.  A too-big blanket doesn't exist, and a too-small blanket is the worst.  I think it might be able to fit a twin bed, so if we ever get a twin bed, we'll have something to put on it! 

  • Some home-dec sewing, a first for me.

That's a Heather Bailey print.  I have a couple others to add in my slow family room redo. 

Time to head out and enjoy the sunshine, I guess! 

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