Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Knitting Plans

I've never made knitting resolutions before, but I've realized lately that I do have some projects and techniques I want to get to.  New Year's seems like a good time to write those things down.

Knitting Goals
  • Complete four successful adult sweaters.  These certainly take more planning and thinking than a quickie shawl or baby hat, but I really would like to have some beautiful sweaters in my wardrobe.  I haven't bought sweaters in years, because I knit.  But I also haven't knit myself any warm, wool sweaters for winter.  I have a need, I have the yarn, and I have zillions of patterns I love.  All I'm lacking is the dedication to 1400 yard projects.  
  • Learn fair isle/stranded knitting.  To me, stranded knitting represents some kind of glass ceiling in knitting, and I've always thought it was for knitters with superior skills.  I'm ready to attempt to break through!  
  • Stash smash!  I am not going to buy any yarn from January 1 to May 30.  I will then reevaluate and see if I can go until October 30.  (I'm reserving the ability to buy yarn for Christmas presents.)
  •  Crochet blanket a la Attic24.  (With yarn I conveniently ordered last week, just before the implementation of Stash Smash.)

Sewing Goals
  • Create a wardrobe palette.  Hopefully, that will help more of my items work with each other.  
  • Items to make: 
    • lined skirt
    • white blouse
    • non-knit work dress for fall
    • start to consider thinking about maybe making pants?
  • make curtains for family room

It will be fun to revisit this list in the coming months and see what I accomplish and how my goals change!


  1. They seem like some good, achievable goals. Specific enough to compelete them but with enough flexibility to make it interesting. I look forward to seeing your progress