Monday, July 9, 2012

Quelle queue!*

I thought I'd revisit the knitting and sewing plan I made for myself two weeks ago to see where I am.

The Plan

July 1 -- Buy fabric for skirt. 
     It arrived today and ohmygoodness I can't wait to start this skirt!

July 1 -- Buy yarn for Cinnie cardi 
     It came on Saturday, and I'll start it this week sometime.

July 1 -- Make a commitment to a lace project with the purple alpaca
     Hmm.  This I didn't really do.  I'm not feeling the alpaca lace at the moment.  But I did recommit to the Eyphrosyne by Kirsten Kapur.  I should be finishing up the border this week!  I'm using the most gorgeous yarn in the perfect raspberry shade. 

Before July 1 -- Finish shirtdress
     Just hemmed it this evening!  Pictures tomorrow!

Before July 1 -- Finish Caeles top
     Finished!  I wore it today. 

Before July 1 -- Renfrew Top?
     Yep!  Finished it also! 

It wasn't on my list, but I also managed to toss together a Sorbetto.  

So what's the new plan? 

1.  Finish Eyphrosyne by July 11
2.  Finish Cinnie before the Ravellenic Games
3.  Start Simplicity 2215 skirt before July 13
4.  Make another Sorbetto or another dress (I have the pattern but can't remember the number)
5.  Blog the two lace shawls that I blocked last week.

That will definitely fill my time between now and the opening ceremonies in London.  I love having a plan.  I feel so focused and productive!

* I took French in high school, but I can't remember: is queue masculine or feminine?  If it's actually masculine, then please read as "Quel queue!" 

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