Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knitting and Sewing Goals, 2013 Edition

Now that I've had a chance to recap the year, it's helped me focus on what I want to do this coming year.  

I love the way the knitting and sewing blogosphere has helped me think about these resolutions or goals.  Usually, I think of resolutions as a correction of a fault or bad habit.  "I want to lose weight, I want to do better at keeping in touch with people, etc."  But these crafty resolutions are all so positive.  "I want to challenge myself and learn new techniques and start something big!"  Why aren't all resolutions so aspiring?  I love it. 

I've created some short lists, but I have one main goal and resolution for the year.  Keep knitting and keep sewing.  I'm have this fear that having two kids to love and care for is going to zap all time and energy from me, and that I won't pick up a needle at all after April.  So if I keep knitting and sewing and working on projects, even slowly, throughout the year, I am going to feel awesome in 2013. 


  • 2 brave sweaters!  Most of my sweaters are of the play it safe variety.  Last year, I just wanted to knit some sweaters, any sweaters.  This year, I'd like to do some challenging, dramatic things.  Pieces with big, drapey collars or bold cables or even, if my skills progress a little bit, colorwork.  Those things are all over my queue, so I just need to pick one.
  • Continue to study and work on colorwork and stranded knitting.  I'd like to get the tension thing down.
  • Baby knits!  I might be the only knitter on earth who looks forward to adult sweater knitting, but thinks baby sweaters are too much work.  So ridiculous!  And I have a baby and a toddler to knit for!  No excuses for not knitting them both a winter wardrobe.
  • Baby blanket, maybe this Vintage Throw, and another adult blanket.  I have yarn for a beautiful Girasole, and I really want to get on it.  


  • Pants!  When my waist comes back to me, I want to start working on pants.  I'm going to start with the Tori Crop pant from Style Arc, because, hello elastic waist and stretchy fabric.  If I can get those to look good, then I really want to work on some Thurlows.  
  • A jacket.  I'd love to do the Minoru jacket, and with Tasia's awesome knit-a-long blog posts, I think I can.  I'll just take it slow.  
  • An intentional palette and wardrobe pieces.  This was one of my goals for last year, and I didn't quite do it.  I blame getting pregnant, losing mojo, and then needing to work on maternity stuff.  But next fall, I should be able to make some great non-boring basics that would work together well.  I've already started a board on Pinterest for my fall sewing queue.  
  • One home decy thing, just for fun, maybe?  I'd love to make these Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows for the baby's room.   

Other stuff:

  • Pick one thing from my Pinterest boards a quarter and do it!  So four projects total over the year.  That's do-able, right?
  • One blog post a week. 

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