Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's not an original thought, but what are the interwebs for if not for stealing other peoples' good thoughts?  This month, I'm going to attempt to blog each day. 

The challenge, I think, will be pictures.  It's getting dark earlier, which means less time for pictures.  And for some reason, getting out the usb cable feels like a chore.  Remember when you had to drive to the drug store, wait three whole days, and then pick up a little bundle of paper with your pictures on them?  So I don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about opening up one drawer and plugging in one cable. 

So here's what I've been up to lately: sewing!  I made my little girl a sheep costume for Halloween.  I used Simplicity 2068. 

I took sewing lessons when I was little, but it's been a while since I really sewed anything.  I have an adorable little toddler now, and it seems like I should do what I can to capitalize on the cuteness.  This learn to sew with big fuzzy felt pattern seemed like a good way to get back into it. 

This pattern was definitely incredibly easy.  I think it took me three hours from cutting to hemming.  Which is good, since I started the whole project on October 29.  I made size 2, and I think it will fit for next year!  I love how it came out.  I recommend the pattern!

She was a sheep.  I was a shepherd.
I have a couple of other things in my queue for her now.  I'm in the middle of making Simplicity 2016. 

I started it a couple of weeks ago, but ran into a problem.  I was trying to put in a zipper without a zipper foot.  (Remember how bothered I am when it comes to getting out my usb cord?  Yeah, driving all the way to the fabric store for a replacement zipper foot wasn't as appealing as just trying to do without.)  I accidentally hit the metal piece at the top of the teeth, and my machine died.  The repairman said that I had an electrical problem and a timing problem, and he fixed everything for $65.  And now my machine works beautifully! 
I got it back just in time to make the Halloween costume, so now nothing's stopping me from finishing up the dress.

I also am thinking about some jumpers from Simplicity 2574.

When I was dressing Little A the other day, though, I tried to put on a new purple jumper and she howled!  She cried real tears, like a jumper was too much of a life disappointment to tolerate at 7:30 am.  So I don't know if she's against jumpers or against the color purple or what.  I might see if I can get her to wear another jumper before I invest time in this one. 

The only problem with the sewing is that I can't knit at the same time.  Choices, choices.