Sunday, November 20, 2011

FO: McCalls 6048

Here's the thing about sewing: it goes at the speed of light.  At least compared to knitting.  I got the fabric in the mail on Tuesday, and I wore this cardigan on Friday.  A little instant gratification is just the thing to break up the monotony of long-term knitting projects.

After many years of knitting and learning about knitting, I know a lot about fiber composition and drape and needle size and swatching.  When it comes to fabric, I know pretty much nothing.  So I ordered a Rayon Jersey without knowing exactly what that is.  It's the color of chocolate milk, and pretty much the consistency of chocolate milk too.  It's basically a liquid.  It took forever to lay it out wrinkle-free with matching selvedges.  I'm not one to complain about winding yarn, but even if I were, I'd rather wind a billion skeins of yarn than fight those phantom wrinkles.

I had three yards of fabric, and it took every last inch of it for the large size, view D.  After the cutting, sewing was a snap.  I really didn't have any problems.  I followed the directions exactly.

I really like it!  I know it's very possible that I like it mainly because I made it and because it's the first sewn garment I've made for myself in a million years.  I'm not sure the color is great on me, but I wanted a neutral that wasn't grey.  And the fabric is so drapey and thin.  I like it, but it's a little too thin for the collar/edging.  Maybe I should have added interfacing?  Or maybe that would have made it awkwardly stiff compared to the rest of the garment?

I'd really like to make another one--maybe view C--in a darker color in a heavier weight.  Maybe dark purple?

Next up: McCalls 5974, the perfect wrap knit dress.  The fabric I got for that is a bit heavier and thicker, so maybe it won't take an hour just to lay out.  After that dress is cut and half-assembled, then I'll see about buying fabric for another dress.  Or skirt.  But no way am I going to stash fabric and buy patterns and let sewing take over my life like yarn has.

I also finally finished my FLS!  It's blocking, so maybe tomorrow afternoon I can take some pictures!

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