Friday, November 4, 2011

FO: Daybreak

At one point, it seemed like everyone on Ravelry was talking about or making Daybreak.  Somehow, I found myself on the shawlette train this summer, and I made a bunch of them.  So I figured I was ready to tackle this one.

After I cast on, my first impression was, "Holy stockinette, Batman.  This is a lot of purling."  Just at the point I was starting to get bored, the stripes started.  Now, it's still basically stockinette, but the variation of the stripes and the slipped stitches kept it interesting.

This shawl is so architectural.  It's lines are crisp and straight, something that's not common in knitting.  I had no idea it would turn out so huge!  But I love it.

I used two different kinds of yarn.  The grey is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light and the white is Valley Yarns Charlemont.  I enjoyed working with both of them, and they worked well together.  The Ultra Alpaca is a little coarser, with stray fibers.  It's not sheddy, just a little tiny bit fury.  The Charlemont is a bit shiny and very smooth.  I very rarely use two different yarns in one project.  I was a little nervous about them blocking differently, but I had no problems at all.
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