Saturday, December 10, 2011

FO: Mistake Rib Mobius Cowl

At Thanksgiving, my sister was flipping through Mom's knitting magazines, and she said she thought this cowl was cute.  I took that as an invitation to get out the fat needles!

I most often knit on US 5s, whether I'm knitting with worsted weight or fingering weight for a shawl.  So going up to US 10.5s was crazycakes!  I couldn't believe how quickly this chunky stuff knit up!  I did the first two inches on 11s as the pattern calls for, but I thought the pattern looked too sloppy.  I always have to go down at least one needle size.

This pattern is a complete piece of cake, but the grafting is serious business.  In fact, dear C starting talking to me halfway through the grafting, and I completely lost my place and had to rip back and figure out where I was.  It is not perfect--there are places where I definitely went awry and twisted stitches.  But it's not so terrible that a non-knitter will be able to pick out the mistakes.  I give myself a B- on the grafting. 

This cowl is not something I would have ever knit for myself.  Now that it's done, though, I think it's adorable.  Maybe I'll have to make one for myself?

Pattern: Mistake Stitch Mobius
Yarn: Katia Peru
Ravelry page

In Christmas gift knitting news, I am still on schedule.  But unless I find a way to knit 8000 stitches today, I will be behind.  I am coming up with Plan B.   

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