Sunday, September 18, 2011


Last week, I finished blocking and seaming up my Angostura, and I popped it on immediately, excited to see my first fall garment. 

It fits great around.  But it's way too short!  It hits me at exactly the wrong spot so it makes me look wider than I am. 

My disappointment was visceral.  I was simultaneously completely deflated and really mad.  I immediately cast on a shawlette without thinking or consulting my queue.  I just wanted to knit something that wouldn't depend on fit. 

But the next day, I realized that all was not lost.  I would just rip out the vest to the beginning of the armhole shaping, knit two more inches, and go from there.  The vest wasn't a total loss.  It wasn't a loss at all.  I have plenty of yarn, and it will take me a week, tops.  The good news is that it fits really well.  The neckline is beautiful. 

I didn't get the row gauge of 9 rows/inch.  I was at 8 rows/inch.  But I did all the calculations correctly.  The vest matches the schematic perfectly.  It matches my measurements.  What it does not match are the measurements of my favorite vest.  So now I know to always measure a favorite garment before I begin. 

Knitting more to the body before the armhole shaping will move the waist-shaping cables down.  I think it will be okay.  We'll see. 

So this FO moves back into the UFO pile. 


  1. The pattern works so well with the yarn you chose! Don't worry, I think that it is mandatory that something like this happen to everyone at least once.

  2. You're a lot calmer than I would be. I get so frustrated when things like that happen that I frog the whole thing and give up! That's what happened to my first attempt at a cardigan.

  3. Thanks, all! All the garments I've made have had some issues, and I really want to have one that I'm really proud of.