Friday, September 23, 2011

FO ta-da

When I ran into problems with my Angostura, I immediately cast on an Abrazo.  I needed to get back on the horse, as it were.  And I needed something that I knew would be a success, where size wouldn't matter.  So I grabbed some Knitpicks Gloss fingering that I received in a swap and cast on without so much as a thought of my queue.  I have some things I really want to knit, especially before the holidays.  But in the end, I needed a project I didn't have to think about at all, so Abrazo fit the bill. 

I see myself making this again, especially in lace weight.  I'd love to do the beads.  In fact, I almost changed my mind after the first six rows and did them, but I disciplined myself to just get through this one fast so I could get back to my scheduled knitting.  (Product knitter, party of one.)

I'll be giving this to my friend Janice, who loves this dark teal color.  She lives in Southern California.  She doesn't need super warm hand knits, but everyone can always use a pretty scarf. 

Ravelry project page

The Angostura redo is coming along.  Progress may or may not have suffered due to the casting on of a February Lady Sweater.  But it definitely has.  No worries!  I'm getting back to it tonight!  I will prevail and wear this vest, and people will point at me and say, "There goes the woman with the fabulous vest!" 

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