Wednesday, January 18, 2012

one track mind

Exhaustion.  Hibernation.  Recovery.  Hermitting.  All perfectly good synonyms for January.  This is because
  • A: It's cold.
  • B: We used up two month's worth of energy holiday-ing.
  • C: Well, I guess really just those first two things.  But it seems like there should be more.
I want to be one of those people whose January looks like the cover of Martha Stewart Living: clean and bright and fresh and new and active.  But instead, I look like this:

  All those big plans I had?  Still there.  Still big plans.  Every night I think, "I should go cut out that dress," or "I should measure that swatch and work out the math for that new sweater."  But then I pull out this basket of super bright yarn and mindlessly crochet the night away.  And really, I think that's okay for January.  And look what I have to show for it:

This was a few days ago, so I'm already much further along than the picture shows.  This is Attic24's Granny Stripe Blanket, and I've already made a baby-sized version for a friend. 

The yarn is 100% acrylic, Stylecraft DK something-or-other.  I only use acrylic for big blankets.  This one is for the couch, and I'm glad to have something that is low maitenance.  I bought the yarn from a UK site,  They have a great package, and with free shipping to the US right after Christmas, I got 17 balls at around $2 a ball.  The colors are just what January needs.  I might not be too far from that bright and fresh Martha Stewart start to the year after all!  Just don't look at the rest of my house. 

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