Friday, January 20, 2012

FO: GAP-tastic cowl

Did I show you this yet?  My first FO of 2012.  (And my only FO to date, because the Granny Stripe blanket has taken over my fingers.) 

This would have been very speedy except that I knit it twice.  I didn't do a gauge swatch, so I accept all responsibility.  (Who else would accept it?)  I tried it on several times, and each time I thought it probably wasn't wide enough.  I kept knitting, thinking it would get wider?  I don't know.  I was halfway through the third skein, so 5/6 of the way through the project, when I decided I just had to make it wider.  I frogged it, CO 20 more stitches, and viola!  Three days later I had the perfect width cowl. 

The yarn is amazing and soft.  It wasn't splitty, even after being frogged.  I ordered it during Webs' year end sale. 

Yarn: Great American Yarns Superfine Merino Wool
Pattern: GAP-tastic cowl
Ravelry page

Meanwhile, I'm still crocheting! 


  1. That cowl has been added to my favorites. I love finding patterns on Ravelry through others' blogs. I like your color choice as well. Nice job. :)

  2. Thanks! I am loving purple right now.